Merit Badge Workshops

The museum offers dozens of Boy Scout merit badge workshops every year. Among those we have offered in the past are Weather, Rifle Shooting, Scouting Heritage, Collections, Photography, Citizenship in the Community, Family Life, Medicine, Scholarship, Citizenship in the Nation, Emergency Preparedness, Law, Public Speaking, First Aid, Citizenship in the World, Electricity, Cycling, and many more.

The workshops are generally scheduled a semester at a time, and when the schedule is finalized, it is posted to the museum website. Occasionally special opportunities come up. Museum members get information in advance of its release to the general public, and enjoy discounts on the cost of the classes. We also maintain a list of individuals who are interested in hearing when we have posted a new series of workshops. You can be added to this list by sending an e-mail to Claudia Nicholson at

We recruit registered merit badge counselors to lead these workshops. They determine the prerequisites that the youth must complete prior to the workshop, and they are the ultimate authority in determining whether or not the youth has met the badge's requirements. Unless that badge requires a lengthy project that must be approved in advance by the counselor, all the requirements for the badge can be completed at the conclusion of the workshop, if the youth has adequately and completely prepared. Sitting in the workshop is no guarantee of completing the requirements.

Most workshops take place at the North Star Museum's home in North St. Paul. Some have been off site, and a few have had an off-site component.

We are always looking to expand our offerings, so if you are a registered merit badge counselor for a badge not listed here, and you are interested in working with a group of youth, give us a call at 651-748-2880.

Click on the date to register for a workshop. Prerequisites must be completed as instructed. New workshops and details will be added throughout the year.

Check back frequently.

Merit Badge
Enrollment Limit

2 Sessions Required



Wood Carving 9a-Noon Both Days

$12 for Members;

$15 for Non-Members

  Ages 12-17 yrs