Non-Scouting Groups Fee Schedule

Non-Scouting groups cannot reserve the museum for Monday evenings. That time is reserved for Scouting groups.

During Museum Hours:

The group must allow museum staff to speak with the group to welcome them and identify the institution. If the non-Scouting group has a museum member in it, a 5% discount on the fee will be applied. If more than one member is with the group, a 10% discount on the fee will be applied.

Stay tuned. Fee schedule is being revised and will be available in a few days.
Type Fee
Half day $___
Whole day $___
Evening (up to 3 hours) $1___; audio-visual a la carte
Sunday Not available for non-Scouting groups
Monday (daytime) Available at Director's discretion, same rates as quoted above, plus a $___ surcharge for non-open hours


Audio-Visual Charge

The audio-visual charge is applied in every instance when anyone uses the multimedia projector

Type Fee
Hourly rate $___
Half-day rate $___
Full-day rate $___



Tuesday - Friday: 1pm - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Open Sunday, Monday, and evenings by appointment only.